Portable Nail Polish Remover Wipes For the Win!


This past month I received the Spring Bloom Vox Box from Influenster. I really love this program. I receive free things (usually awesome stuff) for posting about it and telling my honest opinion. In line with being honest, I’ve taken a bit to review these products because

  1. My new nephew was born on April 26th! I’ve been busy staring at him and saying how perfect he is.
  2. It’s Spring time…it’s warm. Ain’t no body got time to sit inside!

Well, while the baby was sleeping I sat on my moms back porch to do my nails. I took the ugly old polish off with one Cutex Advanced Revival Pad. It was individually packaged and moist when I opened it. I was ready to grab the regular acetone to get all the glitter off my nails but this worked just fine. What I liked about it was the ease of throwing it in your overnight bag. You don’t have to worry about strong nail polish remover ruining all your stuff when it leaks.

Photo Credit: drugstore.com

My only drawback was they were probably pricey…until I looked them up. They’re about $4 for 10. It makes each about 40 cents. Now, I don’t think you should buy these over regular nail polish remover. (It’s so much cheaper) BUT I do think they are perfect for travel.

Love & Laughter,


I received these free from Influenster but I’ll tell you if I think they suck. 😉

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