Unprecedented. Pandemic.

Bella exploring outside of our home

So much is happening. So quick.

I keep seeing people suggesting to “write your account down.” Of course it feels sort of … silly. Are things really that bad?

Yet, they are.

We are experiencing a Pandemic. Our lives will change as we know it.

We are home. We are in self-quarantine. We only go out to get essentials.

So, I thought I would begin blogging about what’s giving us hope.

What’s filling our time. In our little corner of the world.

I adore our backyard/side yard.


I’ve been cooking a lot! We’ve made some great Home Chef meals and I’m picking up items to make chocolate chip cookies.


Isabella calls it “siiide.” She stands by the front door and begs to go “‘side.” We walk around our lot. We have gone on a few walks around the neighborhood. She stops and stares at leaves. There are really pretty purple buds coming up in the lawn.

My dad/Jutka got her a Learning Tower for her 2nd birthday. She can help me in the kitchen!


We aren’t seeing any family. We went to see my dad, but only through glass. His wife is in Hungary and he’s been on a work assignment for the last two weeks. It was so strange to talk to him through his front glass door. But, refreshing to see another human. Mom is planning on stopping by at our window today. We facetime with Jutka in Hungary. She recorded her lullaby and I’ve been playing it for Bella. I’ve also been able to do Zoom with Sarah and Jess. That’s been super encouraging. And, of course, texting friends like Aubrie.


I began taking a lovely free course called The Science of Wellbeing from Yale University. It’s on Coursea, a free online platform. I’ve already completed the first week. It’s very laid back, yet informative. I took a few tests to determine by strengths.

Top Strengths

I’m also reading. There are a few books I’m reading online via Hoopla, the free library resource. I’m reading The Montessori Toddler and a book club recommendation The Sacrament.

I think part of my new personal assignment is to blog our experience. Even if it’s just for my personal reflection, it’s good to remind myself of the good good things.

Peace & Joy,


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