Isabella Gets To Meet Her Godmomma After 7 Months

They look pretty cozy

The past few weeks have been extremely exciting here!

Isabella got to meet both her Godmother, Sarah, and NICU Bestie For Life, Evelyn (which deserves it’s own post)! I wanted to share some special pictures and moments. We cherish each and every time we can share Bella in person with others.

Having fun at Jessica’s wedding!

Sarah has been in my life since I got married in 2010. Dustin, my husband actually introduced us and she sang and played guitar at our wedding! (Click here to hear the song she played, Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus) Since then we’ve become best friends. We’ve bonded over many cups of coffee and random Youtube videos.

Smile pretty!

Sarah’s one of the strongest women I know. She loves Jesus and lives to serve others.

She’s also a very talented musician (check her out here).

Isabella fell asleep on Sarah

Before Isabella was born, I asked my two besties, Sarah and Jessica, to be Godmothers to Isabella. For me, that meant that they would support Isabella in her faith journey and always be there for her. To us, it was kind of like asking them to be an auntie.

Celebrating Jess at her Bridal Shower

Since before Bella was here these ladies have loved her and prayed for her. Jessica’s been busy planning a wedding and being a newlywed but has always prayed for Bella and cared for me. Sarah has gone out of her way on so many occasions to bless us with Starbucks, words of encouragement, gifts, and hugs.

Sarah meeting Bella through our glass door

Above: Before meeting Bella in person, Sarah got to get a glimpse of her through our glass door in the summer.

So it was super exciting after 7 months that Sarah was able to visit and hold her Goddaughter! Bella loved every second and fell asleep! She immediately felt the love that Sarah had for her. God had hand picked both Jess and Sarah to play a special role in Bella’s life. I’m so thankful for the prayers and support they’ve offered…even without ever setting eyes on Bella in person.

Bella’s sassy fighting sleep face



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