Ending Our Day In Vienna

The day in Vienna, however, was long from over! Daddy and Jutka had purchased tickets for us to see a performance. The performance was held at the palace and was not at all what I expected! We walked into the palace’s side entrance and everything was very formal. The seats were set up and there was a concert hall. There weren’t many other people there, as it was a smaller event. I assumed stadium seating or something like that. It was intimate, and classic. There were musicians who were breathing hard to make sure they hit every note on their instruments, ballet dancers, and an opera singer. Each session of the performance was startling and beautiful. Although I don’t know a lot about music, I could tell that music was these people’s lives. The main man who led the group seemed like a brilliant genius. It was hard to take my eyes off the group. But I did, to look around the beauty of the space. I had to keep pinching myself. “I’m in Europe! I’m in Vienna! I’m watching a performance of Mozart in a palace!”

Afterward, we walked back to the train. The lights of the city were so special. I tried to remember it all in my heart. The smells, the sounds. Dustin stopped and purchased a vienna sausage (hot dog) as we walked. Once we were back at the hotel. I slept really soundly.



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