A Pretty Cool Airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands

January 30th: We landed in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The airport was epic. We were so surprised at the beautiful colors and …LIFE! There were people from all walks of life, speaking all different languages. A space in the airport had vertical gardens and sculptures to look like trees. While on the plane, I could see all the different waterways and greenery. It was beautiful. What really surprised us was a phone charging station where you could “bike” to charge your phone. Later, I learned this airport had won awards for it’s design and eco-friendly aspirations. Although we were tired, we buzzed around the airport, looking at things and made sure to eat. There was a food court with beautifully fresh sandwiches and Dustin bought Indian food. I had fun paying for a quick 5 minute massage in the waiting area. It was  relaxing…even though there were hundreds of people around. The bathrooms were also interesting. The doors went up all the way and there was no space to see others.

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Dad and Jutka treating us to coffee at the Vienna airport

Our hotel had a nespresso machine! Heaven!
International chargers and lots of snacks!

Before we knew it, we were boarding another plane for Vienna, Austria. Dad had told us this plane company was super nice…and it was. I believe it was a Netherlands flight. The stewardess all looked stunning and the food was even better than before. We were offered warm cloths to refresh our faces. The flight took a few hours. We hadn’t slept since leaving the night before. It’s safe to say we were exhausted and dealing with jetlag. Dad called and met us with Jutka at Vienna, Airport. It was so nice to see their faces. We immediately went to the hotel right across the street. It was called NH Hotel. It reminded me a lot of a Hilton. I took a hot bath and we drank some in-room espresso. After, we all went back to the airport for dinner and coffee. It was the best macchiato I’d ever had! We talked about their wedding plans, our flight, and just caught up. We went to bed early and were awoken early to explore Vienna, which was a quick train ride away.

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